Messy Bun and Getting Stuff Done with Spunky Pineapple

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Linda and I took a field trip to the Spunky Pineapple Co. studio in Woodstock, Illinois. It’s tucked in a great downtown location behind Starbucks and near the Woodstock Opera House. We enjoyed meeting Christina McReynolds and seeing behind the scenes of her screen printing business. Her studio is a super organized, sunny, happy place and we didn’t want to leave.  She is very kind and shared with us creative tips that we are very grateful to learn.  We can’t stop thinking about her metallic inks and thermal label printer for example…art geek stuff.  Beyond her bustling online business, she takes time to print custom shirts for local schools, bars, events and coming soon, us!  Her work is top notch and she uses water-based non-toxic inks.  I think my Ballet For Adults gang will love her Barre Hoppin’ Muscle Tee in Mauve.





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