The Green Event of the Year (and Linda’s glass art)

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Linda is starting to exhibit her work, after a few years hiatus from showing, and she thought this venue would be a great place to begin. It aligns with what she loves and wants to support. The Green Living Expo is at McHenry  County College, November 2, 2019, from 10am – 3pm. Admission is free.

LindaOeffling_summermeadow glass artSummer Meadow with Monarch | Fused Glass | 11″ long x 4″ high, 2″ deep

Linda works in fused glass and has maintained a glass art studio in her home for over 10 years, Rowanberry Studio. The pieces that she chose for this exhibit focus around nature. Many of her pieces features bees and monarchs, as these are species of concern in our country, and ones that we can find in our own backyards.

monarch butterfly fused glass vaseMonarch Vase | Fused Glass | 5″ tall, approx. 9″ dia.

My process is focused and intricate. I find that piecing together hundreds or thousands of bits of glass is a meditative process, slow, thoughtful, or possibly thought-less. Typically I use a sheet of clear glass to form a flat base, and then I layer glass chips or powders (frit)  and/or long strands of glass (stringer) on top. Many of the tiny bits of glass are precisely placed using tweezers and tools. Powdered glass can also be used, and this is carefully shaped with tools and brushes to form specific shapes, such as the veining on a butterfly wing. The glass stringer is bent carefully, piece by piece, over a candle flame to shape it into curves and shapes. ~Linda Oeffling

mullein fused glass mandalaMullein Mandala | Fused Glass | 12″ dia. 

You can walk through a field and have an impression of waving grass and glorious meadow color, or you can slow down and see the minutiae in all of its infinite detail, the butterfly’s wing and the shading of color on a flower petal. My art pieces, as a result, have a meditative feeling. You can view the piece and see the overall beauty, or contemplate the fine details that make up the whole. – Linda Oeffling

As the light changes throughout the day, each piece is illuminated and transformed. They are one of kind, hand-created pieces that would love to live in your home.

Green Living Expo:  McHenry County College, Woodstock, IL
Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019
10am – 3PM | Free Admission

See over 100 area businesses and organizations offering green products and services plus check out educational exhibits, green gifts, and energy efficient ideas for your home and businesses.

Highlights this year:

  • Free workshops on regenerative agriculture, composting, and the latest recycling information.
  • Tours of the new MCC greenhouse and high tunnels.
  • Meet the team developing the Center for Agrarian Learning at MCC as well as many of McHenry County’s finest farmers.
  • Solar installers featuring the latest panels and financing information, sustainable toys, skincare, beekeeping and energy efficient ideas for your home and businesses for little or no cost.
  • In addition the McHenry County Solid Waste Division will be conducting a paint recycling collection event. You must register to recycle paint. Please call (815) 334-4585.


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