We updated our image this new year to represent where our business is directed today, which is focusing on custom wordpress websites. It is so true that your own work often gets pushed to the back. So over the holiday break, we played with our logo and created a new business website on a stunning parallax template. Above is the graphic for the old logo. View the new one below. We like the airy feeling of the new C&O; it makes us feel happy. Although we still love our floating dot design, it’s not gone forever, and we can always bring it out like a retro baseball uniform for a day.

Many times along with a website comes new photography, refined logo, social media pages and revised business forms. We love to help a business find a new and fresh look. Some of our clients have the goal of taking over their own website, but many have found it is much more difficult & time consuming than ever thought! Trying to add a photo to a blog post that isn’t sized correctly can bump everything out of whack. Using a template can be fairly straightforward, but so far each client has wanted their own vision for the template — can you put columns here? Can you add extra space in this area? Can this heading be blue and the same size heading on another page be gray? Making a site that is unique to each company is not so easy.

We are set up with Adobe Creative Suite programs and we are familiar with the back end of professional templates. What we have found to be a good compromise is to create affordable web design and personalized You Tube tutorials for specific areas of a site that people want to attempt to update themselves. We offer service fees in as little as 15 minute increments because for us, sometimes that is all it takes for us to help you out of a fix. In general, websites need to be completely redesigned every five to seven years and they need to be updated quarterly. Technology changes so quickly, often by the time we are finished designing your website, there is an update we need to do.

The template that we are using now for our new C&O website is a new template for us, and we have submitted many support tickets to ask the developer exactly how to tweak the site to our preferences. Websites are so temperamental. Kind of like your computer- they develop personas. That is the artistic technology mystery that we love about web design. Many times we say, “I have no idea why it is doing that,” and then it is our job to figure out why.

Working on our own updated branding was a creative break from working for the client vision. When we work with a business, we sincerely try to reflect their personal vision, with words, image, colors, fonts, and design that work for the them. Our “thoughful rebranding” was a lot of fun for us, because we could focus on all of the elements that describe our own business vision. The best part of our business partnership is the artistic collaboration that we enjoy. We hope that this carries over into the work we do for the public.