20151108leggingsNicole ordered the Space leggings from Redbubble in a small. At 5’6″ 125lbs they are a perfect length with a snug enough waistband fit to make a workout feel necessary! We are not sure if every legging is printed the exact same way or if, as a designer, you have control what is printed where on the leggings. Nicole found herself looking at her lower midriff area in the mirror at class because the printing on that area was not super flattering. When compare the leggings to the ones photographed on their website, the printed area is different- maybe she just got a little unlucky.

Regarding the scoop neck t-shirt exchange, Nicole had to go online, which she doesn’t like to have to do, preferring to simply check a form and mail a package back. However, she was given an option to send in a photo(s) of why she didn’t like the t-shirt, and a new one was sent immediately in a different size. She didn’t have to send the other one back. The fit of the small is definitely smaller and then she washed it and made it even smaller. However, Nicole just seem to feel that the neckline wasn’t “speaking” to her. Not Redbubble’s fault, just personal preference. If you want to read the previous review on the fit of the scoop neck t-shirt, see the original blog.



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