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20150908ncoshirt-150x150Linda and Nicole learned & laughed a lot designing & printing a t-shirt recently. (We wear our chandelier tanks a lot!) We have had a few people ask if they can order more but at that time, we were working with large quantities which reduced the price, shipped the shirts ourselves, and it became too much of a job beyond our limited hours to focus on as artists and not t-shirt shippers. So, we have started looking at ways someone could buy one shirt and have them shipped directly. is one of these online avenues for artists to print t-shirts. (and other things) We like to see how the shirts fit, how they wash and wear before deciding what to print our designs on so we ordered the entire Avant Garde outfit from their promotional Lookbook.

The women’s scoop neck t-shirt came very quickly through USPS and the leggings are being shipped separately. The t-shirt design is by the artist Terry Fan and is printed directly into the fabric or sublimated. See the large image above, white shirt with black design. The shirt is wider at the shoulders and snug at the hips. It is a good length. The cut of the shirt is made to be worn on the edge of the shoulder.

Nicole’s review:
It has a feeling of a raw cutoff t-shirt and not a structure neckline. So, I find myself holding my shoulders “up” a little to have it fit correctly on me and wanted to pinch the shoulders to reduce this loose “falling off” feeling on the top. I usually wear a small, but had ordered a medium. I will see if the small drapes better. Sometimes, I find that if clothes are proportioned well, they still look good in many sizes. I order a lot of clothes online and rarely return for a different size. It is either I like it or I don’t. This seems to be one of those rare occasions where I am going to try a different size. ….to be continued!



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